Koi bole ram ram

Koi Bole Ram Ram, Koi Khudaaye
Koi Sevai Gusaiyan, Koi Allahe

Hindu people call him Ram, and some others call Him Khuda.
Some serve Him as ‘Gusain’ and Muslims call him ‘Allaah’.

Kaaran Karan Kareem,
Kirpal Dhaar Raheem

Almighty Lord is the Cause of causes.
He showers His Blessings and Clemency upon us.

Koi Nahavai Teerath, Koi Hajj Jaaye
Koi Karaiy Pooja, Koi Sir Nivaaye

Some bathe at sacred shrines of pilgrimage such as Gange, and some make the pilgrimage to Mecca (the birthplace of Muhammad it is the holiest city of Islam).
Some perform pious worship services, and some bow their heads in prayer.

Koi Padhe Bed, Koi Kateb.
Koi Odhai Neel Koi Supaid

Some read the Vedas (Sacred books of Hindus), and some the Koran (Sacred book of Islam).
People wear different colors of clothes. Some wear blue, and others white.

Koi Kahe Turq Koi Kahe Hindu.
Koi Baachhai Bhist, Koi Surgindu

Some call themselves Muslim, and some call themselves Hindu.
Some have desires for Bahisht ( Jannat, Islamic heaven), and others long for Surgindu (Swarg-Indu: Heaven owned by Lord Indra).

Kaho Nanak Jin Hukam Pachhaata.
Prabh Sahib Ka Tin Bhed Jaata.

Says Nanak, one who identifies the God’s Will,
knows the secrets of Almighty God.

Mere Naino Ki Pyas Bujha De Maa Tu Mujhe Darshan De मेरे नैनो की प्यास बुझा दे माँ तू मुझे दर्शन दे Maa Vaishno Song

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