Tu Prabh Data Daan Mat Poora

Satnam Shri Waheguru…

Tu prabh data daan mat poora
Hum thaare, Bhikhari jeeo

You, God, are the Giver of gifts, the Lord of perfect understanding; I am a mere beggar at Your Door.

Main kya maagao kichh thir na rahaayi,
Har deejai naam pyaari jeeo

What should I beg for? Nothing remains permanent; O Lord, please, bless me with Your Beloved Name.

Ghat Ghat rav rahya banwari

In each and every heart, the Lord, the Lord of the forest, is permeating and pervading.

Jal thal mahial guptau vartai,
Gur sabdi dekh nihaari jeeo

In the water, on the land, and in the sky, He is pervading but hidden; through the Word of the Guru’s Shabad, He is revealed.

Marat paiaal akaas dikhayio,
Gur satigur kirpa dhaari jeeo

In this world, in the nether regions of the underworld, and in the Akaashic Ethers, the Guru, the True Guru, has shown me the Lord; He has showered me with His Mercy.

So brahm ajoni hai bhi honi
Ghat bheetar dekh muraari jeeo

He is the unborn Lord God; He is, and shall ever be. Deep within your heart, behold Him, the Destroyer of ego.

Janam maran kao, ehe jag bapudo
Inn doojai bhagat visaari jiyo

This wretched world is caught in birth and death; in the love of duality, it has forgotten devotional worship of the Lord.

Satguru milai ta gurmat paaiye
Saakat baaji haari jeeo

Meeting the True Guru, the Guru’s Teachings are obtained; the faithless cynic loses the game of life.

Satgur bandhan tod nihaare
Bahurh na garbh majhaari jeeo

Breaking my bonds, the True Guru has set me free, and I shall not be cast into the womb of reincarnation again.

Nanak giyan ratan pargaasiya
Har man vasseya nirankaari jio

O Nanak, the jewel of spiritual wisdom shines forth, and the Lord, the Formless Lord, dwells within my mind.

Koi Bole Ram Ram Koi Khudaaye – Sikh Kirtan | Shabad Gurbani

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